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With over 400 million monthly average users (93% mobile) and a 20% growth year-over-year, making Weibo the largest platform in China. We help you get in touch with China’s social media market by providing access to insightful and valuable information.

Business insights from complex data

Weibo is connecting users with brands in a more natural and sustainable way by combining features of several social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Your business can uncover insights and identify trends through accessible content.
Understand your audience
Seamless API Integrations
Analyze conversation for insights
--request apikey:weibo_ADDing_keywords_KEY
"addAll" : {
"keyword" : "foo"
{ "response":"success|failure|keyword already in active list|keyword too long | keyword should have 2 or more characters| request must use UTF-8 encoding | enter keyword in the body|logical keyword should have atleast 1 positive keyword|keyword should not contain , or ; |protected keyword cannot be added"}
"addAll" : {
"keywordList" : ["@@smith", "a", "samsung", "@will","@test1234"]
"result" : {
"@@smith": "3798233627 already in active list",
"a": "keyword should have 2 or more characters",
"samsung": "success",

Innovate with Weibo data in your application

Apps built by Weibo’s developer ecosystem enrich the user experience and give advertisers a better understanding of Weibo communities. We’re eager to help you build new experiences and analytics.

Weibo Key Metrics

Weibo Partners with Streetside
Net revenues totaled $349.9M, 76% increase year-over-year
Monthly active users increased to 411M
Average daily active users reached 184M
Value-added service revenues were $46.9M
Weibo becomes the 7th largest social user platform
Weibo has over 392M monthly active users
313M monthly active users, 139M daily active users
Sina Weibo is renamed to Weibo
500M registered users and 46.2M daily active users
Registered users surpassed 100M
English language version of Sina Weibo is developed
Sina Weibo launches the API open platform
Sina Weibo is launched

About Weibo

A leader in social media for people to create, share and discover content online. It combines the means of public self-expression in real-time with a powerful platform for social interaction, content aggregation and content distribution.
Weibo enables its advertising and marketing customers to promote their brands, products and services to users.



Industry Social Media
Location Beijing, China
Company Size 1,000 - 5,000 employees
Annual Report Weibo Q1 2018

Content Partnership

Since 2018, the partnership between Weibo and Streetside enables global brands to understand, communicate, advertise and participate with Chinese consumers. Streetside provides standardization, normalization and structure to raw Weibo content, which enables social media specialists to build robust, real-time solutions.
We offer Weibo data through multiple delivery options on a scalable platform that has been built to meet the needs of the most demanding users of social data.

Our partnership allows us to provide every client with high quality social content from Weibo.
Streetside Team Member